Photo submitted – Jason Borisoff and Andrea Asprelli will be onstage at 2 pm at the Bluegrass, Brews & BBQ Free Music Festival in Little Falls, New York.

By Dave Warner

Andrea Asprelli and Jason Borisoff will head up on stage at 2 pm Saturday, September 17th, for the Bluegrass, Brews & BBQ Free Music Festival.

Asprelli said, “I’ve been playing music since I was five years old. Both of my parents are musicians. I played violin growing up, and then in high school, I got introduced to Scottish fiddle music through a trip to the Shetland Islands.”

That inspired her to pursue all kinds of fiddle music and styles. While in college, she started playing with local bands in Massachusetts and then moved to Upstate New York in Syracuse and played with bands that were doing bluegrass and old-time folk music.

“That’s where I met Jason, who was a guitar player, and we’ve been playing together for fourteen years. Both of his parents are musicians as well, so he’s been a life-long guitar player,” she stated.

They formed a band called Cricket Tell the Weather in 2012, and in 2013 they won the Fresh Grass award at the Mass MOCA Fresh Grass Festival. “We took the band around for a few years that way. It was four people and sometimes five.”

In recent years though, they’ve gone back to just playing duos. “I think that is something that’s always been special to us since we go back a way playing together. Both of us are songwriters as well,” she said.

Asprelli is now playing clawhammer banjo as well. “I’m able to get a more simple version of our songs out with a little bit more of a focus on the lyrics. We like to hone in on both our original songs and also take a lot of time to learn traditional recordings and styles as well.”

She said that when they’re onstage, people can expect to hear a lot of care given to the songwriting and the lyrics. “It’s a straightforward delivery that has dual harmonies. It can be simple and understated, but all you need. A good groove with memorable lyrics and melodies.”

“It’s been most called endearing,” she stated.

They both play quite a bit in the City in different configurations and do a handful of performances like this during the summer. “It’s always so much fun to come out of the City. I love playing for bluegrass audiences or house concerts outside of the City, where you can get to know people and get to know the area. People who appreciate the music and want to listen.”

“It’s always a nice kind of listening environment when you’re outside. People are a little more relaxed, and we really enjoy it,” Asprelli stated.