Rick Dolan with Promise Land BBQ overlooks food prep by his son-in-law Johnathan Grago.

By Dave Warner

Promise Land Farm BBQ is spending a lot of time in Little Falls this month, offering up slow-cooked southern bbq from their mobile rig. This coming Saturday, they’ll once again be in Canal Place for the Bluegrass, Brews & BBQ Free Music Festival.

Rick & Robin Dolan have a farm, and they used to sell meat directly to people. “When you bring it in and out of the freezer, you get this crystalized meat, and people don’t like the way it looks, so you can’t sell it.”

They used to do the Clinton Farmers Market, and they started sticking that meat on the grill to show people there was nothing wrong with it.

The business started in 2007, and “Basically, it went from that to this,” he said.

“We started out with a decent-sized BBQ grill. I told my wife that if we could make that work, we’d continue on with it, and she did.”

Dolan said that they did that under a tent for almost twelve years. “We’ve had the trailer for five years now.”

The couple works the circuit at least five days a week, starting in the middle of May and going to the middle to end of October.

One of the most unusual things they’ve encountered was, “Weather-wise, my wife and I were in Whitesboro one time and had the tent with all the electrical on the ground, and a storm came through, and we were standing in six inches of water with all the wires around our feet. That wasn’t good.”

As far as expansion goes, he says they’re right where they want to be. “We’re trying to get the daughters to take over, but they don’t really want to.”

His son-in-law Johnathan Grago helps but has his own gig going, working tech support for hospitals. He says that working the BBQ van is therapeutic for him after a long week. “It’s a nice getaway from all of that. A lot of my job is sit and wait.”

“When I’m here, I don’t have to worry about things,” he stated.

If you want to book them for an event, you can find them on Facebook or call 315-894-0239. They’re booked for the year, but you can give them a call for 2023.